Direct Download: (32-bit) (64-bit)
License Type: Free after registration
Command Line Scanner: included
Command Line Updater: included

Quick Install:

# check system architecture
sarch=`uname -m`
if [ "$sarch" != "x86_64" ]; then
    # i386 only
    wget -P ~/Desktop ""
    wget -P ~/Desktop ""
    # amd64 only
    wget -P ~/Desktop ""
    wget -P ~/Desktop ""

md5sum -c ~/Desktop/BitDefender*.md5
chmod +x ~/Desktop/BitDefender*.run
sudo ~/Desktop/BitDefender*.run

# these are the recommended settings during the installation

# Please enter "accept" if you agree to the License Agreement.
# accept

# Do you want to install BitDefender Antivirus Scanner GUI package ? (Y/n) y

# install registration key - REPLACE all of the 1's with your own key
sudo sed -i "s/^Key =.*$/Key = 11111111111111111111/g" /opt/BitDefender-scanner/etc/bdscan.conf

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