Change Log

-- Table can now be sorted A-Z or Z-A by clicking on column header
-- Table items can be edited by double clicking
-- Added Remove button to remove selected table items
-- Added Quit button to exit application from main window
-- Fixed bug that affected paths containing spaces

-- Fixed bug that caused balloon messages to appear in top left
corner of the screen when executing a scan during startup.

-- Fixed bug involving the save settings feature.
-- Added support for vexira.

-- Complete rewrite of the source code.
-- Settings are now managed with xml files rather than ini files.
-- Simplified the process of creating or designing an options window
for a scanner by using xml templates.
-- Added clamav, drweb and sophos.
-- Added restore feature.
-- Text boxes for scanner path, scan params and updater path are no
longer read only and can be manually edited.

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